The Essence of Ideas
Matter, is a question of design. A question of real, visible design. The strength of a line is the result of matter moulded in its image. You touch it. It draws your eye. It attracts you, giving shape to an abstraction, the intangible becomes tangible. Matters. The essence of ideas. The essence. The veining. The smell. Wood is a living matter, extremely precious, and gives itself to the human being in the name of an abstract pureness. Respected, celebrated and described through design. A story of matter and measure. Design according to Cantarutti.

Matters: Ribbon by Anderssen & Voll
Cantarutti Projects: Redbird Restaurant
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Cantarutti Projects: Mosaic Digital Hub

Hyppo armchair by Cantarutti at the Mosaic Digital Hub in Lincoln.

Cantarutti Projects: Redbird Restaurant

Yumi chair by Cantarutti at Redbird Restaurant in Atlanta.

Cantarutti Projects: Shoryu Ramen

Arco chair by Cantarutti at the iconic Shoryu Ramen in Oxford.

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