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A conversation with LucidiPevere

You were contacted by Cantarutti three years ago to design a chair in their collection; today you’re coordinating the entire range. What was the path that led you to this work?

Basically the need to map out and define a transition from the Cantarutti we knew three years ago to that which we’re contributing to building today together with the owners. We wanted to give out a signal to all customers – established and future – communicating to the former an improvement in historic models and showing the latter the new concept of the firm in terms of materials, aesthetic, coordinated image and communication. We envisaged a gradual process in order to accompany our customers towards the unexpected, also involving designers whose style is different from ours.

How has the firm changed during these years?

There are radical changes underway at the firm. In the past three years there has been a lot to do, but Cantarutti’s strength lies in its driving force. There have been changes at all levels, from strengthening of the commercial area to restructuring of the production department, from the new location, bolstered by new departments such as upholstery and coating, to the creative team of professionals who interact to build up the corporate identity, and much more.

What was your basic idea and how did it evolve during the work?

The basic idea was to imagine a new brand, with its own aesthetic, different from that of all other producers of seating, above all in wood. We wanted to give it a very distinctive identity, which would set Cantarutti apart from brands already on the market. We worked to give the firm a new exterior, analysing products and designers, tactile and visual sensations, communication and photography. A constantly evolving project which aimed first of all at highlighting the typical savoir-faire of Friuli with a contemporary yet enduring idiom.

Can you give us a sneak preview?

We’re working on a new product that we think is the perfect representation of Cantarutti’s new personality: a collection in which wood plays a leading role yet where the upholstered part also takes on a key role in interpreting the design. This is a starting point for the new textile dimension which the firm is to undertake. Whereas Why is a small-scale architecture in wood, the new collection is to pay homage to the textile/colour aspect of the object, where wood becomes a pure “frame” for major work on colours, materials and finishes.

What does unexpected mean for you?

Unexpected is the unforeseen in a positive sense. As designers we have always liked the idea of surprising with something original, without forgetting production and market. Unexpected is not therefore synonymous of bizarre or eccentric; on the contrary, the challenge lies in succeeding in combining the unheard-of with a modern classic style, through a language which can narrate something new and enduring.