Design: Studio Nooi

Lima is a collection of benches and tables with simple, clean lines, in which the shapes of each element are obtained from the contrast between rounded volumes and flat surfaces. The series is inspired by the shape of the half-round file, a work tool whose characteristic semicircular section is reflected in the shape of the legs. The series is developed in a wide range of sizes, colours and finishes, with seats and backs in exposed or upholstered wood. The collection includes a series of modular benches, with or without backrest, which can be connected together in line or with corner elements, creating configurations that play with colour and geometric shapes and that also adapt to large public spaces.

Low Resolutions
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Studio Nooi

Studio Nooi was founded in 2020 by Giulia Pesce and Ruggero Bastita in Torino, Italy. Giulia and Ruggero built their approach to design while studying at Politecnico di Torino and Designskolen Kolding and working as designers in Italy and Denmark. Nooi represents the amplification of the Italian word “noi”, meaning “us”. The idea of the studio being that design is never an individual act but rather a collaborative process, involving designers, companies, users, artisans and technicians. Studio Nooi’s designs are always the result of good cooperation between people and are influenced by society, art, nature and cultural heritage. The studio is closely involved at every stage of the project development, always aiming to achieve designs that are refined and rich of content.