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Cantarutti presents MATTER, Milano Design Week 2022

The image has a powerful and immediate value, while the word is descriptive and persuasive, of detail: and the combination of word and image can tell complex stories. Like these words, and the images that follow in leafing through the catalogue, which describe us in an absolutely transparent way: going beyond the aesthetic essence of the product. MATTER as a material, but also as “giving importance”: the title recalls the desire for exploration and research, of materials, but also of projects that transcend and interact in every area of furniture, between the inside and the outside. Almost metaphysical contexts are the background to the product, which resonates with the environment itself and transmits to the viewer the entire story that led to that snapshot.


The object tells us about its experience, an industrial design project created according to the values of craftsmanship, where passion is returned by the choice of materials but also by the care with which they are worked, while the variation of finishes and colours imparts the idea of a customisation process that is always possible: wood by tradition, but also metal and fabrics, with the ability to specialize within the company, both for the processing of the materials themselves, but also for the painting and upholstery phases. The content of this catalogue is a juncture in time and analysis of more than fifty years of history of our company: which has been able to enhance and protect its past, but with a sentiment that is always creative and sustainable to look to the future.

New collections

DORY by Adam Goodrum
Dory draws inspiration from the small timber rowboats of the same name to conjure time spent leisurely fishing in these iconic drift boats. This association finds expression in the easy relaxed language of the Dory collection through its honest timber construction and gently curving silhouette. This combination of craftsmanship and soft comfort is at once strong and relaxed, striking a balance between visual simplicity and invitation.

New collections

PATTA by Maddalena Casadei
It is a wooden chair with and without armrests. All models are collectively stackable with each other. A chair physically and visually light while simultaneously wide and welcoming. The theme of comfort is central even without the padding. The project was born around the evolution of one element, the leg. The circular leg changes section as it rises until it crushes itself at the upper end. It tapers, slims and rotates to accommodate the backrest and armrests. A detail hidden under the seat enriches the construction: a cross that twists to meet the 4 legs perfectly perpendicular.

New collections

OSTE by Maddalena Casadei
If you don’t get close, you can’t understand what characterizes this dining table. The leg. Here, as in the Patta chair, it changes in section. On the ground, perfectly circular, it rises, crushing itself at the top, creating a flat surface at 45 degrees that accommodates the connection structure.

OSTE by Maddalena Casadei

It hides a strong sign, almost a decoration, in the underlying structure, keeping its external appearance clean and linear. A flat pack table. The low tables, on the other hand, are characterized by tops with soft ovoid and triangular shapes, smooth or hollow, natural wood or lacquered mdf.

New collections

LIMA by Studio Nooi
Lima is a collection of benches and tables with simple, clean lines, in which the shapes of each element are obtained from the contrast between rounded volumes and flat surfaces. The series is inspired by the shape of the half-round file, a work tool whose characteristic semicircular section is reflected in the shape of the legs. The series is developed in a wide range of sizes, colours and finishes, with seats and backs in exposed or upholstered wood. The collection includes a series of modular benches, with or without backrest, which can be connected together in line or with corner elements, creating configurations that play with colour and geometric shapes and that also adapt to large public spaces.

Addition 2022

ARCO by Cantarutti
The Arco collection was born from a study of carefully calibrated shapes, proportions and dimensions. Composed of chair and stool, it is distinguished by the curved backrest, which rises from the seat profile, maintaining a perfect harmony. A complex process that makes it simultaneously light, ergonomic and solid. The possibility of padding the back and seat adds comfort and a touch of refinement. Simple but with great personality, the Arco chair is stackable, and particularly suitable for situations that call for a distinctive style without sacrificing practicality.

Addition 2022

HART by Christoph Jenni
Shapes with light contours meet the warmth of wood and its grain. Designed by Christoph Jenni, Hart is a collection with simple lines founded upon a complex construction project. Hart adapts to different combinations of colours and finishes. Stackable chair and armchair are available in wood or with upholstered seat and back. The stool, with or without armrests, completes a collection capable of combining elegance and rationality with a wide range of possibilities.

(It) Addition 2022

YUMI by Enzo Berti
A timeless classic able to adapt to the taste and needs of the contemporary world. In Yumi, Enzo Berti rediscovers the charm of a design with a graceful elegance, in which soft curves become a detail never seen before, to bring new forms of expression to public and private spaces. Yumi gives a distinctive look to any context. In wood or upholstered versions, this family finds the most suitable combination for any environment in a wide palette of fabrics and finishes, creating an intimate and welcoming embrace that does not neglect functionality. The continuous line that accompanies the backrest to the armrests, allows you to place the armchair on the table top, the stackable chair allows you to reorganise spaces with flexibility and efficiency.

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