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Domus for Design: Hyppo and the new domestic sphere

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A presence and support for all activities that recognise themselves as a sign of excellence, of know-how and savoir-faire. This is the soul of ‘Domus for Design!’, the manifesto of Domusweb has been launched as an impulse for positivity, collectivity and culture, the keys to overcome these challenging moments. Domusweb feels the need to underline, interpret and support all the creative and productive activities, Italian and foreign, which are recognised within design. For ninety years Domus has been a presence and defined its role, alongside creativity, culture and industry, is now also present through Domusweb.


After weeks at home, the central focus around the domestic sphere provides a renewed sense for many to invest in improving the environments in which they live. “To define the hallmark of this collection of upholstered furniture – sofa, armchair, lounge and bench – Valerio Sommella started from the idea of ​​round, soft and generous shapes in which the wooden legs sink, almost disappearing. From the founding material of the production of the Friulian company, the wood becomes a construction detail in the Hyppo seats, while maintaining the function of a load-bearing structural element. ” In the article in the new Domus column: Hyppo by Valerio Sommella for Cantarutti.

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