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The first collection of upholstered furniture for Cantarutti brand

Hyppo, designed by Valerio Sommella

(It) Hyppo

Round, soft and generous shapes interspersed by a solid line: a wooden leg. From this detail, designer Valerio Sommella begins to define the distinguishing feature of the Hyppo family, his first collection for the Cantarutti brand.

Wood, the central material of all designs manufactured by the company, becomes the focal point. The rigidity of the legs contrasts with the softness of the volumes in which they seem to sink, accepted as an integral part while maintaining their own identity. Structural elements in all respects, with their essential shape and warm tones, delicately define the friendly and versatile character of Hyppo. Sofa, Lounge Chair, Ottoman and Bench with rounded shapes, enhanced by the total absence of edges, invite comfort and relaxation.

A collection of seats that allow you to freely create multiple combinations, perfectly suited for contemporary environments. Realised in a wide palette of coverings, available in both fabric and leather, with tested characteristics of durability and strength. From a relaxation area reserved for reading or conversation, to the hotel lounge and bedrooms, and even the latest co-working spaces, the Hyppo collection offers a welcoming feeling, inviting you to sit and relax spontaneously.

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