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Matter: Palmo by LucidiPevere

The portrait. It captures the essence. The face of a subject. You look at it and it looks at you. You seek the intention, the detail answers to you. It is a challenge, between perception and imagination. The profile shows but doesn’t reveal. Lights and shadows shape refined details and reveal in contrast shapes of perfect symmetry.


Matter speaks, smiles, poses to be observed. In its lines the story of an idea, the texture of a grain. And then the colour. Which conquers in silence. Monochrome, irresistible elegance. A portrait tells the part for the whole, the image becomes one visual synecdoche. And when you linger and follow its contours, then it all appears, wonderfully recomposed.


Chair, armchair, stool in two versions, pouf, bench. Natural, stained or lacquered beech structure. Upholstered seat and back, available in various fabrics and colours. Signed by the duo of Italian designers LucidiPevere, Cantarutti presents: Palmo.

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