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Matters: Ribbon by Anderssen & Voll

A matter of design

Matter, is a question of design. A question of real, visible design. The strength of a line is the result of matter moulded in its image. You touch it. It draws your eye. It attracts you, giving shape to an abstraction, the intagible becomes tangible. Matters. The essence of ideas. The essence. The veining. The smell. Wood is a living matter, extremely precious, and gives itself to the human being in the name of an abstract pureness. Respected, celebrated and described through design. A story of matter and measure. Design according to Cantarutti.


The appeal of a curve is a subtle pleasure. Tilt your head, your eyes run fast. Towards an unknown but desired point. It’s an emotion that goes along with you and waits for you. It always surprises you, spontaneously. Soft or sharp, a curve tests you. It encourages your thoughts, nourishes the imagination. Because it reveals something new, and yet it’s already detected. An unknown dimension. And when it opens your eyes to the endless possibilities of feeling, like an unexpected window on the world, that is the instant of discovery. The curve’s points are new and consecutive points of view of a project, that you endorse to build the closest shape to your satisfaction, where matter is being modelled in each single detail. With a perfect inclination to embrace and understand. Signed by the Norwegian duo Anderssen & Voll, Cantarutti presents: Ribbon.

The Ribbon collection is the result of the confluence between contemporary design and the modernist traditions of the 50s. The accuracy of simplicity and the meticulous selection of materials are the synthesis of a style with an essential elegance. The sinuosity of the shell enhances the materiality of wood and highlights the ergonomic seat, which plays with full and empty spaces of the backrest, in the different models. Chairs, armchairs and stools are available in several finishes, with both wooden or metal base.

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