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Milan Design Week 2021: INSIEME Collaborative Exhibition

At Milan design Week 2021, Cantarutti is the official partner of INSIEME: an exhibition celebrating interconnectivity, the human urge to discuss and contemplate via food-for-thought products – a celebration of collaborativeness that leaves no space for the isolated self. The exhibition features works from 5 creatives: Christophe de la Fontaine & Aylin Langreuter from DANTE – Goods and Bads, Benjamin Hopf from Formagenda and Andrea Steidl & Raquel Pacchini from studio ar-o. Selected objects, differing in style and features but similar in their power to conversate with the ambient, make up a dynamic installation inviting further exploration.


Tuilli extends the concept of warm and refined hospitality to soft and enveloping shapes. Generous silhouettes are accompanied by volumes of different sizes that strike a recognisable aesthetic; an elegant balance between classic and modern. Numerous elements meet in spaces that require distinctive solutions, united by formal coherence and meticulous details of graphic elegance. Designed by Andrea Steidl, Tuilli is a wide Collection that finds its place in the common areas related to welcoming and waiting, and in the more private ones of domestic spaces. The various components, with structure in wood or metal, highlight a strong and eclectic personality that meets different needs and tastes, thanks to a wide range of finishes and coatings.


Gentle curves and natural lines follow the profile of Cori, the Andrea Steidl collection that invites you to relax between comfortable and soothing shapes. The shells essence is captured in the version without upholstery: a soft shape, with masterful curvature, and a subtle play of solids and voids demonstrate how only skillful workmanship can meet the most daring creative projects. Cori is adaptable to various contexts. From hotel lobbies to waiting rooms, from lounge areas to domestic environments, this transversal collection is the culmination of comfort, aesthetic research and contemporary vision. It can be upholstered in a wide range of colours and materials or, upon request, realised in the precious wooden version.