Technical Profile

We make designer chairs. With care, quality and innovation. Because we like to do things well, always.

Technical Profile

From the development of new collections, designed by international designers and architects, to the finishing process and the upholstery operations, every piece is entirely made in Italy and the whole production process takes place in our factory.

At Cantarutti’s, three CNC machines with different characteristics by type of product and processing are networked according to the logic and protocols as per Industry 4.0. Alongside, a traditional equipment of other machines works in combination with the three CNC machines.

Since the very beginning wood has been our element. We work with respect for the environment and use only wood from environmentally managed FSC® (Licence Code FSC-C130903) and PEFC® certified forests.

FSC® (Licence Code FSC-C130903) Certification
PEFC® Certification
ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Technical informations
All our chairs are CATAS certified for safety, strength and durability, while the models are registered with an ornamental patent, which protects the designs against copies and counterfeits.

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Cantarutti’s warehouse is constantly equipped with thousands of unfinished pieces, ready to be processed and customised, to guarantee a fast and efficient fulfillment of orders.