Environmental prerogatives are a primary and indispensable objective in our production philosophy, as evidenced by the certifications linked to product sustainability, company organization and production processes already obtained. Our constant commitment to seeking quality and respecting the environment has led us to take another important step in this direction, with the adoption of a new generation of sustainable stains to be used for the finishes of our products. Ecological because they are developed with raw materials from renewable sources of waste plant origin, not intended for human nutrition. This is the first line of Bio polyurethane stains for wood that achieves a finish with more than 50% renewables, measured through the Carbon-14 dating test and certified by BETA ANALYTICS.

Cantarutti’s green choice in the use of Bio stains contributes to the search for a conscious and sustainable style of design and life, without sacrificing the highest quality and resistance performance to:
• Hot and cold liquids (UNI EN 12720)
• Scratches and engravings (UNI EN 151869 and 10782)
• Temperature changes (UNI 9429)
• Yellowing (UNI EN 15187)

Thanks to their compositions, the used stains also comply with the EN 71-3: 2013 standard, which certifies the safety of toys. In addition to ergonomics and aesthetic taste, for us sustainability and respect for the environment are equally fundamental values, with the daily commitment to produce in a responsible and conscious way.