Thank you for visiting us at Milan Design Week 2019

During the Design Week just passed we presented the new chair Cori at Superstudio Più in via Tortona, at the event Materica: The Beautiful Side Of Design. Upon our return, we asked designer Andrea Steidl, author of Cori and curator of the installation together with architect Raquel Pacchini and Cinzia Felicetti, Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire Maison, to tell us a little more about the project.

A conversation with Andrea Steidl
How did the idea for Materica arise and what is it about?

Materica was an attempt to explain how architecture and design are changing. As for architecture, we wanted to show a dynamic house, with fluid spaces. The idea of separating spaces with semi-transparent sheets was born precisely to make us perceive the lightness of the subdivisions between one room and another in modern homes. As for design, we wanted to place the emphasis on research materials and in particular on the most sustainable ones, combining virgin raw materials with materials derived from recycling or reuse, which begin to have an autonomous and well-defined aesthetic. Inside this house with its strong spatial and material value, we inserted everyday furnishing products that speak with each other through playful colours and fragrances.

Why did you choose Cantarutti?

Because its philosophy and products are in line with the general concept of Materica, which above all wanted to celebrate those who have a modern approach to design and the home. The Cori chair [designed by Steidl for Cantarutti, Editor’s note] is a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic rod chair. Its shape derives from a graphic game inspired by digital patterns. In addition, it is made of certified wood, an environmentally friendly and renewable material, traditional yet innovative.

Design Week this year broke all records, both at the fair and in the city. How did Materica do?

Very good! The public appreciated the dynamic and playful atmosphere, and grasped the irony of some choices. I’d say the compound worked very well!